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Setting up your own business is a very exciting process. You are finally manifesting your ideas into a reality - only there is one thing getting in your way.


Living costs are at an all-time high. You don’t need us to tell you that. With more and more money going out, it’s essential now more than ever to cut those costs where you can.

Here are some top tips on how to preserve those pennies in your business.

On October 10th every year it is National Mental Health Day. In recent years there’s also been an entire week dedicated to mental health & illness, usually falling in May, this year it was 10th - 16th May. A nationally recognised week not only raises awareness around mental health illnesses. But to allow others to offer advice, extensive resources and collectively reduce the stigma around discussing the topic openly. Both of these important times of the year allow business owners to reflect on their own personal wellbeing, staff wellbeing, and their communities wellbeing.

As a small business owner you’ll know fine well that your team of employees are the most valuable asset to the success of your business. So, it’s vital that you ensure that your team members feel secure, happy and motivated in the workplace. Afterall, the more motivated and valued they feel at work, then the better quality of service they will provide.

For many, the world of accounting can be extremely daunting. For some, it’s the numbers about for many it's the industry jargon that can leave you feeling a little confused. So, we’ve curated a glossary of key accounting and financial terms for you to refer to and help to better understand your business’ finances.

Keeping on top of your business finances is vital in growing and developing within your industry. However, maintaining organised and accurate figures can sometimes take the backseat when you are focused on delivering the best service or product to customers. If left for too long it can even begin to feel overwhelming. Can you relate?

We understand that your business is more than a livelihood. It’s your pride and joy, your passion. So, when it comes to choosing the right accounting firm for your business you want to make sure that all of your financial and business needs are met. This will vary for each business, however there are a few fundamentals that you should consider. So, we’re sharing our top five crucial things to consider when choosing the best accounting firm for your business.

We are ever so excited to share the news that Fraser Accountants has won ‘Most Client-Focused SME Tax Firm 2020 & Accounting Customer Service Excellence Award 2020’ in the SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020.

Here at Fraser Accountants we love to sing the praises of accounting software QuickBooks. Aimed at small to mid-level businesses, it really is an efficient and user-friendly way to manage, record and plan the finances of your business. But, what actually are the definite benefits of using QuickBooks? There are many, so here are some of our top reasons that Quickbooks is an advantageous system to you and your business.

Coming into the final quarter of 2020, the UK Government has introduced new and improved business support packages known as the Winter Economy Plan. Read our blog for more information.

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Working with Fraser+ Accountants is a joy. Both Fiona and Joel are extremely patient with me and very efficient. I have total confidence in their ability to deliver.

Rachel Letby, owner of Crail Consulting