On October 10th every year it is National Mental Health Day. In recent years there’s also been an entire week dedicated to mental health & illness, usually falling in May, this year it was 10th - 16th May. A nationally recognised week not only raises awareness around mental health illnesses. But to allow others to offer advice, extensive resources and collectively reduce the stigma around discussing the topic openly. 

Both of these important times of the year allow business owners to reflect on their own personal wellbeing, staff wellbeing, and their communities wellbeing. They allow for storytelling of one's own experiences, sharing comradery with friends and relatives who have been impacted, and allow local businesses and charities the space to share resources, offer support and tips and promote their mental health services. 

At Fraser Accountants we have personally been affected by the negative impact of mental health issues. We understand the toll it can bring to families, to your work and personal life, and everything else in-between. Although NMHD has passed, we are acutely aware of the upcoming ‘dark’ season, the difficulties the winter months can bring mentally, the financial troubles that it can cause. Combined with the many external factors affecting our day-to-day lives right now from Brexit to the pandemic. 

To lose someone to a mental illness whether it’s Bipolar, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, ADHD, or any number of other illnesses. To either be personally affected or to have someone close to you affected can be an extremely difficult, life-changing experience. One you would wish upon no one.  

We’ve gathered a range of local & national resources, which we plan on continuing to add to over the coming months throughout the winter season and into 2022. From financial support, educational resources to local groups you will hopefully be able to find something to help someone, or yourself. 

Scottish Association for Mental Health 

SAMH operates across Scotland and in communities to provide mental health support and various services. They deliver care and support for thousands across the country and have been so for almost 100 years. SAMH actively campaigns, raises awareness, and provides resources and support to people of all ages. Their work is pivotal across Scotland, you can find out how to contact or get involved on their website

Breathing Space 

Breathing Space offers a free, confidential talking service where you can open up about your emotional distress over the phone. You can get in touch via their helpline 0800 83 85 87 or visit their website for more information and further helpful resources.

Lighthouse For Perth

Lighthouse for Perth is a local charity based at St Paul's Square in Perth. They provide support to anyone who may be considering self-harm, suicide, or who is in emotional distress. They are a confidential listing, signposting, and crisis management service. You can reach out to them on 01738 622422 or email hello@lighthouseforperth.org

Find out more information on their website.


Samaritans are a mental health support charity with a key focus on offering crisis management and emotional support for those who are in a difficult situation, considering self-harm or suicide. They offer a free phone line service where you can discuss your mental wellbeing with a trained operative. The service is confidential, available 24/7 and there are also local branches across Scotland that you can speak with. They also offer a self-help app to download. For more ways to contact, visit the Samaritans website

Andy’s Man Club - Perth + nationwide 

Andy’s Man Club runs groups across the UK, with a branch in Perth, as a space for men to talk who have either been through a storm or are currently going through one right now. Their nationwide talking groups are on a Monday from 7 pm and are open to anyone. 

More information about the Perth branch can be found on their Facebook page


Mindspace promotes positive mental health for people across Perth & Kinross through various work including counseling & peer support as well as offering a range of courses and online resources. 

 Perth & Kinross Council Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Here you will find a range of resources and support on the PKC website including a directory of local services, Coronavirus-specific support as well as mental health first aid training courses, and other local service support. More information here

Financial Support 

Money issues can be the cause of a lot of stress and anxiety. This coupled with the current external post-pandemic factors can mean a lot of families, parents, business owners, students, and alike will find themselves in very difficult situations over the coming months. 

Citizens Advice Bureau 

CAB offers a range of support services from EU settlement to financial and debt advice. You can find out more from your local branch and connect with them via social media, webchat, or phone call. 

Business Debt Line 

BDL is a charity that gives free and independent advice to those who are struggling with their finances and debts who also run a business, are self-employed or are a company director. You can find out more information on their website. 

Step Change UK 

Step Change is a debt charity that gives free, confidential debt advice and management solutions to help you tackle your debts. They also actively work to campaign, challenge, and change currency debt policy laws to protect citizens. You can find out a range of information about Step Change on their website

You can also visit your accountant if you have any business debt worries that are causing you stress or anxiety. 

Other helpful resources: 

  1. Headspace App 
  2. NHS Mental Health & Wellbeing Audio Guides
  3. Moodcafe.co.uk

We will be updating this resource list every couple of months and adding in more charities and support services. If you have any you would like to recommend please get in touch with us via our Facebook channel.

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